About Peter van der Does

My name is Peter van der Does and I live on the east coast of the U.S.A. I have been working with computers for about 25 years of which 20 years as my profession.
A couple of years ago I gave up my job to become a stay home dad and ever since then I have been working with WordPress, developing plug-ins and writing the theme I use on my blog.

Home Network configuration

I have a small network at home, consisting of a Windows 7 machine, several Apple laptops, a Linux machine and a FreeBSD server.
The Linux machine runs the Ubuntu distribution and is my everyday machine on which I do all of my development. After Ubuntu switched from Gnome 2 to Unity I made the switch to the XFCE desktop. The machine is more a hybrid of software from the official Ubuntu repository, 3rd party repositories and self-compiled software.
The server runs FreeBSD 9. It’s serves the following:

  • Name server (bind)
  • Mail server (Postfix, Dovecot)
  • Web server (Apache)
  • NAS (Samba and ZFS)

The router in the network serves as the DHCP server.
The Windows machine is primarily used for my photography hobby while the Apple’s are used by all other members of the family.

What I do now

Currently I am a free-lance Linux/WordPress consultant. I can do work from PHP programming, not limited to WordPress related projects, to Linux systems administration.
My resume can be found on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pvanderdoes

More about Peter van der Does

Peter van der Does on LinkedIn I’m on LinkedIn

Peter van der Does on Facebook I’m on Facebook (but I only accept friend requests from people I know)

Peter van der Does on Google+ I’m on Google+ (Let me know why you circle me, so I can add you to the right circle myself.)

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