Announcing updates of my plugins

I decided to no longer write a post when I update my plugins, unless it’s a main release or major upgrade. It’s cluttering the blog a bit to much.
You may ask yourself what is a main release or a major upgrade.

I decide to start following this version scheme:

Version numbering:

a = Main Release
b = Major Upgrade
c = Bugfixes
d = Maintenance Release

Main Release
When a new functionality has been added to the plugin the main release will be increased.
Example: When I added the option to use a shortcode to show items.

Major Upgrade
When an option is added to an existing functionality or a bug that fixes a security risk, the major upgrade will be increased.
Example: When I added the option to select the picture size it increased the major upgrade.

When bugs are fixed this number will be increased.
Example: When certain characters were not displayed correctly.

Maintenance Release
All other changes.
Examples: Typos, increasing the version of the Amazon API.

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