Am I really running Ubuntu?

If people ask me what distribution of Linux I run on my laptop I tell Ubuntu but in all honesty that’s not entirely true and I’ll explain that later.
I have been using Ubuntu for a couple of years, mostly because when I was looking for a distribution for my laptop it was Ubuntu which just worked out of the box, unlike Fedora or Suse. Many years have passed since that decision and things have changed with Ubuntu. The default software provided by Ubuntu has changed drastically and with the upcoming Ubuntu Lucid Lynx it will be changing even more. I didn’t like the changes the made in the past and I don’t like the changes they are making for Lucid Lynx. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all things they change, new kernels, upstart are just a few things that I agree with. What I don’t agree with is what I like to call the dumbing down of applications and bloating of applications.
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Can’t print in evince, GEdit, Claws-Mail.

I’ve got a printer connected on my Windows machine and it’s shared so I can print from my Ubuntu Intrepid machine as well using Samba. It works pretty well. I usually only print from OpenOffice 3 but today I had to print an email (Claws mail) and it failed. I got the Printer selection box but when I clicked on print an error message popped up, “Can’t prompt for Authorization”. I checked my printer settings and everything looked fine, so I tried again, another error message popped up: “Too many failed attempts”.
After sending an email to the Claws Mail list, Colin Leroy pointed out it could be a bug in GTK as I also couldn’t print from Gedit. I did some searching on the Internet and found several reports similar to mine but no solution.
I started to do some researching on my laptop and I found a work around to solve the problem.
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Laptop died

Well not exactly the laptop but the screen died on me, after being able to re energize my screen by pressing in certain areas since yesterday that little trick doesn’t work anymore. So I’m writing this from my windows box instead of my Linux laptop. Read the rest of this entry »