Development machine problems

During spring break the hard drive of my development machine developed I/O errors. I’ve been able to recover all of my sources but a majority of my email has disappeared.
I’ve re-installed the machine but unfortunately it seems part of my drive is really bad.

This all means I won’t be able to develop or release my WordPress plugins and git, or do support on my forum for a while, at least until I get a new machine. I know I probably could buy myself a new drive, but the machine is a 3 year old laptop, I’m not sure if I want to invest money in it, even though it could be cheap.
So currently I’m looking for a replacement laptop, deciding on the configuration and most importantly price of course.

Using Google’s Chrome browser on Ubuntu

A couple of weeks ago I changed the default browser on my Ubuntu Jaunty laptop from Firefox to Chrome. I had been using Chrome next to Firefox 3.6 for a while and I was willing to give it a shot for my every day browsing. Now that I have been usign it for a while I thought I would write up my experience, the good, the bad and, yes the cliché , the ugly.
Read the rest of this entry » has expired, is the temporary site.

Since November 16, 2009 the site is down. They forgot to renew the domain.

On the site:

November 16th, 2009 The website is currently down, the domain has expired and is now in limbo. The new domain is You can read more about the issue in this forum post. The links on this page have been updated.

The forum post link:

Unfortunately all the Google search results still point at the .org site.
Anyway if you need deluge-torrent, go to