Using gzip encoding in Apache without mod_gzip or mod_deflate

To reduce bandwidth and speed you can install mod_gzip or mod_deflate with your Apache configuration. Unfortunately there are hosting providers who don’t have either of these modules installed.
With a little bash scripting and some modifications of your .htaccess you can accomplish almost the same thing. If you run a dynamic site, with PHP for example, you can’t compress the HTML file itself but you can compress Javascript and Style Sheets files.
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Spammers trying to access my blog

In November of last year I suddenly got a more than usual amount of spammers hitting my blog and forum. I wrote a Python program that will retrieve my access logs, my htaccess file and a list from the website It will update the htaccess file and can upload it back to the site and thus eliminating access to my site for those known spammers.

I thought it would be nice to share some statistics from the months December 2008, January and February of 2009.
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Managing the iTunes Library

I love my iPod, as do my family love theirs, but the thing that drives me nuts about iTunes is the inability to manage your library in a way you would expect. If I add/remove songs or movies to/from my library folder, iTunes doesn’t pick up on it. When you delete a song from within iTunes it’s not removed from disk, I know this has to do that I don’t let iTunes manage my folder, but I don’t want iTunes to manage my folder, I’ll do that myself.

I run iTunes on a Windows machine and had only a solution for one of the two problems.
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