NFL fining Terrell Owens is ridiculous

The NFL fined TO $10,000 for using a personalized prop, a little towel he used to wave at the Philly fans. This was done on the sideline and not in the end zone.
I believe T.O. waved the towel at the fans because they have been boo-ing him the entire game not to celebrate his touchdown, unlike his sharpie celebration a few seasons ago. The rule of the NFL is that no props can be used anywhere on the field so yes, they are right for fining but I wonder if he would have been fined if it wasn’t for the fact that it was caught on camera.
Larry Johnson celebrated his touchdown by grabbing a huge flag and sticking it in the end-zone, yet he wasn’t fined by the NFL. Sounds like a double standard to me.

New show on ESPN – E:60

I know it’s crazy but it’s a little after 6am, but I missed the airing last night, and I have just been watching a new show on ESPN called E:60. It’s an investigative sports show and it’s pretty darn good. This show they had documentaries about gambling in college, 14 year olds being bull fighters in Mexico, Chad Johnson and Kurt Schilling. All the segments were very well done and pretty informative.

I highly recommend the show, it airs on Tuesday at 7PM, or in my case Wednesday at 5AM, on ESPN.