Show your Christmas list on your blog

Christmas is coming and people will start asking you what you want for Christmas. You write your list, hand it out or email it to your relatives and after a few days you want to add something, so you have to email everybody again.
Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could tell your friends and relatives to just go to your blog and you have a page with your Christmas wishes? And wouldn’t be easy if they just clicked on the present to buy it for you?

Well you can!
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WordPress being slow, a DNS problem

A friend of mine runs a WordPress site and recently moved to a different provider. The transition went smoothly and the site ran fine for three weeks. One day he made a post like he normally does and the site become very slow. He deleted the post but with no result. His site was still extremely slow, I mean it took almost a minute to load the index page. Installation of a caching plugin, deactivating all plugins, selecting the default theme did not help at all.
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Update WordPress Plugin: AVH Amazon 2.2.1

I hate it when I screw up. Just a few hours after the 2.2 release of the AVH Amazon plugin for WordPress I discovered a bug. It’s fixed in this release. For those interested the widget didn’t get the default values.

You can find the latest version on the AVH Amazon WordPress plugin page.