Dropping PHP 4 support for my plugins, moving to PHP 5.2

I have decided to move my WordPress plugins to PHP 5.2 and no longer support PHP 4 per the next major release. There will be one exception and that is my AVH Extended Categories Widget plugin, as I will be releasing version 3.0 very soon and that version is still compatible with PHP 4 but will not be when I release the next major release.

PHP 5.2 was released 3 years ago and is pretty mature by now and besides that, PHP 4 has not been updated nor has it had security fixes since 2008-08-08. Should your hosting provider still offer PHP4 only it is time to find a new hosting provider.

Update WordPress plugin: AVH First Defense Against Spam v2.3.2

In order to address the problem my plugin caused at Stop Forum Spam I have changed the plugin and released the new version yesterday.

To avoid problem with Stop Forum Spam their site is checked when a comment is posted. If a spammer is detected it will be blocked and the ip will be cached.
The following checks:

  • Honey Pot Project
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • IP cache

are still done before content is served. This means that should a spammer be found and blocked with the Stop Forum Spam check and you use the IP cache, the next time the spammer comes to your site no content will be served.

Currently I am working together with Stop Forum Spam on a solution to update the IP cache of the plugin with spammer information. This would be a preventive measure, blocking spammers before they ever visited your site.

You can find the plugin on the AVH First Defense Against Spam page

First Defense Against Spam: Victim of it’s own success

My WordPress plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam is a victim of it’s own success. Currently the owner of Stop Forum Spam has been banning WordPress users because of the amount of traffic certain blogs running my plugin has been creating.
I have had a quick chat with the owner of Stop Forum Spam and I’ll make some changes to the plugin which will hopefully relief their server been pounded by certain websites.
Until then I have to ask people to stop using Stop Forum Spam for checking.

I do apologize to Stop Forum Spam for this problem and am currently working on the situation.

Expanding the Extended Categories Widget

Recently I’ve gotten a few requests about implementing a new feature in my AVH Extended Categories Widget. I like the idea but I need help making a decision.
So I listed a few ideas on my forum. Please check it out and give some feedback please.