Change for the AVH WordPress Plugins

Starting this year I decided to change some things for the AVH WordPress plugins. Most of the changes don’t have an impact for the average user but one change might have an impact for some of you.

I’m changing some of the development of the AVH WordPress plugins.

Hosting on github

All of my AVH WordPress plugins will be hosted on github.
Github does have an issue tracker for each repository (aka AVH WordPress plugin) that can be used. Besides all the other channels, my forum, the comments here, my contact form and the forum at WordPress I will be monitoring the github tracker as well. Currently I’m not 100% if I will be relying solely on the github tracker in the future, we will see how it works out.

Using gitflow

I will be using a set of tools called gitflow.
The tools are based on an article written by Vincent Driessen on how to use git branching as a development model. It’s something I have done for a while but never really formalized as I am the only developer of the plugins. I will be writing a more in depth article on this development model and how it can be used for WordPress plugins.

Support latest major version of WordPress

Starting this year I will only be supporting the latest major version of WordPress. As I write this post that would WordPress 3.3. I don’t have the resources to keep supporting older versions of WordPress. Sometimes my plugins will still work on older versions but I can’t and won’t guarantee that they will. This change doesn’t impact any plugins I have written for a fee.

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