Claws-Mail – Part V

I’ve been using Claws-mail for a couple of days now and I’m loving it more and more.
Some of the features I love:

  • The ability to process a folder based on rules. I set up a processing filter for example, for some of my folders to delete the emails after 60 days, but only if I haven’t set the thread to be watched. No way I could do this in Thunderbird. Sure it’s a bit of a setup in Claws, especially if you have a lot o ffolders but it sure is worth it.
  • Integration with SpamAssassin. It’s wasn’t an easy setup, mostly because of my lack of knowledge of SpamAssassin, but that had nothing to do with Claws-mail, the integration with Claws-mail is outstanding.
  • The speed.
  • The Next button. Read the next unread mail, covers all folders and all mailboxes.

Yes there are things that I miss but I’ll put in some requests for change with the developers and see what they think.

I’ll elaborate on the “problems” I ran into with SpamAssassin.

I installed SpamAssassin through Synaptic and that went smoothly. I read up on how to configure SpamAssassin and figured I would use the Razor2 check as well. Ubuntu was a little behind so I installed it from source, again no problem. I could identify spam from the CLI, but Claws-mail needs the daemon of Claws-mail. Easy fix again. Great Claws-mail handles spam as I want it to except for one little thing, the scanning of an email took a bit of time.

I started SpamAssassin in debugging mode and I got the following messages: async: select found no socks ready

Hmm, a DNS problem. Doing the same request from the CLI didn’t give me the problems. After wrestling with this problem for a while I decided to locally install a name-caching server and suddenly my problems are gone.
I’m not sure why it is that I had this problem, it could be Comcast, my ISP or my router. I have seen problems before with other programs and speed issues concerning DNS requests. Right now it’s solved though and that’s what I was aiming for.

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  • It’s true that Spamassassin filtering is rather slow. It’s, as you saw, mostly due to network checks, and the fact that Spamassassin is written in Perl.
    The other spam filtering plugin, based on Bogofilter, is much faster – but it only does Bayesian checks.

  • Peter

    Well if you take out the networking part Spamassassin is pretty fast as well.
    Right now I took out the RBL checks but kept the Razor2 check and it’s doing pretty well.