Dumping Compiz-Fusion and back to Metacity

After I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 I thought I would try the Compiz-Fusion settings. I ran the Emerald theme OrangeGlow from the start and was wowed by what my desktop looked like. So why did I dump it you ask.

I ran into some problems to start with, sometimes when I maximized applications the window would go black and I had to resize the window to make it show up again.
I’m not sure about the memory print of CF but I was swapping and that really annoyed me. And then there was the fact it didn’t really bring anything useful. Sure my desktop looked great, I loved to set the opacity of certain windows but it is all eye-candy. Yeah it’s cool to have a rotating cube with your workspaces on it and have the themes Emerald gives you but I could care less for it. I want a desktop that works, I’m so used to business like desktops that I just can’t deal with eye candy stuff.
My main thing about a desktop is that it has to work and it has to be speedy as well. I thought I could fall in love with the bells and whistles like a lot of the people but that isn’t the case. Maybe some day when there’s more functionality in CF I will give it another try but for now I using plain old Metacity.

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