End of the AVH Amazon plugin?

Yesterday Amazon released the new API for Product Advertising. They have deprecated several operations and response groups, and it seems that these changes mean the end of my AVH Amazon plugin as it is right now.

As users of my AVH Amazon plugin know, it can use the Amazon wishlist to display items on a blog. From reactions from users this was really useful for wedding sites, people are able to display their registry on their wedding blog and it’s connected to Amazon. So if somebody buys something from their wedding registry it won’t be displayed anymore on their blog.
Of the operations Amazon has deprecated all operations related to the wishlists are effected. For example, the operation to get the wishlist and all the items on the list is deprecated.

A solution for the wishlists is to write a wishlist back-end in the plugin. The problem with this is, that it’s no longer associated with Amazon, so if somebody actually buys it it would still be displayed. It’s also a major task to write an entire wishlist back-end, not impossible but it would take a lot of my time and well, I don’t really make money of my plugin.

Right now it’s still working but I don’t know how long. I’ve asked questions on the Amazon forum about the lists deprecation and if there are other ways to communicate with the lists.
I really hope there will be a way to make it work because the AVH Amazon plugin was my first plugin I’ve ever written and it’s hard to just give it up.

More information about the changes to the new API can be found at Amazon.

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  • DoZ

    I’m really sorry to hear that 🙁

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