Git with bash completion fix available for Ubuntu 10.10

I released git with Bash completion for Ubuntu 10.10 today. To use my repository follow the instructions on the page Git Packages for Ubuntu.
It took a little bit longer to release as I was writing a patch fixing bash completion. The patch is integrated in my package of git for Ubuntu 10.04.

A little more detailed explanation of the bash completion patch.

If you use bash as your shell, you can press to get hints for completing the command.
For example if you type:

git log --pretty=

it resulted in a list of files from the current directory.

With the patch in this package of git it results in

email     full      medium    raw       
format:   fuller    oneline   short     

just as you would expect.

It turned out that the completion script was broken with Bash 4, it didn’t just effect the above example but a whole array of other git commands as well.

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