git-flow (AVH Edition) 1.3.0 released

git-flow (AVH Edition) 1.3.0 was released today. It feature several bugfixes and some new exciting features.


  • Make name in feature publish optional.
    Instead of always having to add the branch when doing a git flow feature
    publish, the name should be optional.
    When a name isn’t given, the current branch, if it’s a feature branch,
    will be published.
  • Add option to select configuration file usage
    As with the regular git config, git flow init now has the
    option –file, –global, –system and –local. –local is default.
  • Add a new command.
    New command git flow config is added.
    With this command you can see your current git flow configuration and you
    can also set the options.
  • Environment settings for git-flow only.
    With git you can set environment variables to change behavior, like
    GIT_MERGE_AUTOEDIT for example.
    You can add these exports to the file ~/.gitflow_export if you only want
    to set the environment variable for git-flow.
  • Bugfix: Missing command hotfix track.
    The command git flow hotfix track is not implemented.

Download git-flow

If you want to use git-flow, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, download it from github, follow the installation instructions and start using it. And while you are using it, please contribute to the git-flow AVH Edition. Check the wiki on how you can help improve git-flow AVH Edition.

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