Git v1.6.5.3 Released

Version of git has been released today. You can find them in my repository. More information about this repository on the appropriate page

From the git release notes:

Fixes since v1.6.5.2

 * info/grafts file didn't ignore trailing CR at the end of lines.

 * Packages generated on newer FC were unreadable by older versions of
   RPM as the new default is to use stronger hash.

 * output from "git blame" was unreadable when the file ended in an
   incomplete line.

 * "git add -i/-p" didn't handle deletion of empty files correctly.

 * "git clone" takes up to two parameters, but did not complain when
   given more arguments than necessary and silently ignored them.

 * "git cvsimport" did not read files given as command line arguments
   correctly when it is run from a subdirectory.

 * "git diff --color-words -U0" didn't work correctly.

 * The handling of blank lines at the end of file by "git diff/apply
   --whitespace" was inconsistent with the other kinds of errors.
   They are now colored, warned against, and fixed the same way as others.

 * There was no way to allow blank lines at the end of file without
   allowing extra blanks at the end of lines.  You can use blank-at-eof
   and blank-at-eol whitespace error class to specify them separately.
   The old trailing-space error class is now a short-hand to set both.

 * "-p" option to "git format-patch" was supposed to suppress diffstat
   generation, but it was broken since 1.6.1.

 * "git imap-send" did not compile cleanly with newer OpenSSL.

 * "git help -a" outside of a git repository was broken.

 * "git ls-files -i" was supposed to be inverse of "git ls-files" without -i
   with respect to exclude patterns, but it was broken since

 * "git ls-remote" outside of a git repository over http was broken.

 * "git rebase -i" gave bogus error message when the command word was

 * "git receive-pack" that is run in response to "git push" did not run
   garbage collection nor update-server-info, but in larger hosting sites,
   these almost always need to be run.  To help site administrators, the
   command now runs "gc --auto" and "u-s-i" by setting receive.autogc
   and receive.updateserverinfo configuration variables, respectively.

 * Release notes spelled the package name with incorrect capitalization.

 * "gitweb" did not escape non-ascii characters correctly in the URL.

 * "gitweb" showed "patch" link even for merge commits.

 * "gitweb" showed incorrect links for blob line numbers in pathinfo mode.

Other minor documentation updates are included.
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