Google, Feedburner messed up

I just received an email from Feedburner, the Google service for delivering my RSS feed and they informed me they messed up. They had to change the feed name. What it means is that if you are subscribed to my feed you will have to change the address to keep receiving updates.

This is an excerpt of the email I received:

Unfortunately, due some poor planning on Google’s part since you created your new feed,, we have been forced to change its address to

We have worked hard to ensure that any feed that already exists on cannot be created in the new Google-hosted feeds environment, However, a few feeds, including your own, did end up with the same address on both sides. We’ve used an automatic conflict-resolution system to determine which feed’s address to change, and the choice ended up being this feed.

Like the email says the new address is

There are several ways to ensure you still get my feed:
Either edit the address in your RSS reader or delete the feed in your reader and subscribe to the new one.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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