Gravity Forms updates

Yesterday Rocketgenius released Gravity Forms 1.7 and several updates of their plugins.

The add-ons they released:

  • Gravity Forms Survey Add-On v1.0 Beta 1
  • Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On v1.0
  • Gravity Forms Polls Add-On v1.3

Earlier this month they also released Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On v1.5, which now has the option to do an update besides creating a new user. This eliminates the need of programming this your self as I described in the post “Edit WordPress user profile with Gravity Forms” earlier.

Due to the overhaul they did with the release of Gravity Forms 1.7, it also has an impact on developers. Quoted from their site:

Gravity Forms v1.7 introduces powerful new changes to the Form Settings, Notifications and Confirmations.

All these fantastic changes come with some possible challenges to developers that have implemented hooks to extend or customize Gravity Forms default behavior related to these features. We have put a lot of thought into making this version as backwards compatible as possible, but with all the different hooks involved we cannot guarantee that you will not need to make some adjustments to your code.

The primary areas that were drastically changed within Gravity Forms are the Form Settings, Notification and Confirmations. If you have written any custom code around these areas, there is a chance your code will need to be adjusted, so please keep reading…

We hope this overview will help you better understand the underlying changes introduced in Gravity Forms v1.7 that will impact your custom code and will help you make the necessary changes to keep everything working properly with the new release. We have added documentation and examples for the new hooks introduced in Gravity Forms v1.7 to the Developer Documentation and our support team is here to answer any questions you may have.

You can read the complete post on their site.

Please consider buying Gravity Forms through the link, it’s an amazing product and as a developer it really helps you out, and if you buy the Developer edition you also get access to all their add-ons. They have the following add-ons you can use in conjunction with Gravity Forms. Add-On

Capture credit card payments along with any additional data you want from the user right on your site, without sending the user to a 3rd party to complete the transaction.

AWeber Add-On

Integrate all of your online forms with the AWeber opt-in email marketing service.

Campaign Monitor Add-On

Integrate with Campaign Monitor email marketing service.

FreshBooks Add-On

Turn any Gravity Forms submission into a FreshBooks invoice or estimates and automatically create FreshBooks clients.

MailChimp Add-On

Integrate all of your online forms with the MailChimp email marketing service.

PayPal Add-On

Enable your users to pay you via PayPal Payments Standard as part of the Gravity Forms submission process.

PayPal Pro Add-On

Capture credit card payments along with any additional data you want from your customer right on your site, without sending the user to a 3rd party site to complete the transaction.

Picatcha Add-On

Picatcha is an image-based CAPTCHA with the goal of making it easy for humans to read but harder for bots to crack.

Polls Add-On

Quickly and easily deploy Polls on your web site using the power of Gravity Forms. Easily add poll questions to any form!

Quiz Add-On

Quickly create Quizzes that are automatically graded or scored when the form is submitted.

Signature Add-On

Capture signatures online by allowing users to sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse. Quickly and easily integrate signature capabilities into your forms without the end user having to install any special browser plugins.

Survey Add-On

Easily interact with your users to both collect and analyze data on your target audience.

Twilio Add-On

Make SMS notifications a part of your form notification process by integrating with the Twilio SMS service.

User Registration Add-On

Register users on your website.

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