Happy 2010

I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe 2010.

I always make a list of things I would like to do for the upcoming year. I’m not always successful but let’s see what I have planned for 2010.

Things I would like to keep up concerning this blog:

  • Keep the kernel compilation how to’s up to date with new releases of Ubuntu.
  • Keep updating my repository with the awesome scm git. I’ll try to keep updating for older version of Ubuntu as well.

For my WordPress plugins

  • Improve AVH First Defense Against Spam. Maybe add the possibility to check with more 3rd parties.
  • Keep AVH Amazon updated with the Amazon API. I currently don’t see improvements but that might change during the year.
  • Improve AVH Extended Categories. One of the things I plan to add soon is the option to select which categories to show per post/page but I’m also looking to add different kind of ways to display categories.

On a personal note

  • Yeah, yeah everybody makes this resolution: Improve my health, try to loose weight, exercise more.
  • Do more photography. I’ve been lacking my photography hobby and I really want to pick this up again.
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