Happy New Year

I want to wish everybody a very happy 2009 and thank you all for your support in 2008.

In case you were wondering why there hasn’t been any activity here, I have been on a break for a week spending the week with family in Florida. I’ll be catching up on things this week.

I have a few things planned for 2009.

Computer related stuff:
Keep updating the AVH Amazon for WordPress plugin. A new version is planned for this month.
Keep updating git in the repository.
Keep building packages for GetDeb.
Keep this blog up and running and be informative.

Personal stuff:
Healthier living.
I know a lot of people will say this, but I’m really going to do it this year. I want to lose weight. I’m not setting a weight goal, right now the goal is to wear the shorts I wore this trip by April, when a visit to Turks and Caicos is planned. But wear them normally and not underneath my gut and too tight.
I’ll be going to gym and do cardio workout
Give up my snacks, which really is my major problem why I’m overweight.

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