Kernel 2.6.35 available for Ubuntu 10.04

On August 1, 2010 Linus released the 2.6.35 kernel. This kernel is now available in the git repository of Ubuntu 10.04 and you are able to compile your own 2.6.35 kernel for Ubuntu 10.04. This kernel is backported from the Maverick kernel repository.

Kernel Newbies has a nice overview of the new features in the 2.6.35 kernel. Their summary:

Linux 2.6.35 includes support for transparent spreading of incoming network load across CPUs, Direct-IO support for Btrfs, an new experimental journal mode for XFS, the KDB debugger UI based on top of KGDB, improvements to ‘perf’, H.264 and VC1 video acceleration in Intel G45+ chips, support for the future Intel Cougarpoint graphic chip, power management for AMD Radeon chips, a memory defragmentation mechanism, support for the Tunneling Protocol version 3 (RFC 3931), support for multiple multicast route tables, support for the CAIF protocol used by ST-Ericsson products, support for the ACPI Platform Error Interface, and many new drivers and small improvements.

If you’re interested in more details read their article, it’s very well written.

The Ubuntu kernel developers tagged the 2.6.35 kernel as Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-14.19 in their repository. For a step by step article to to compiling the 2.6.35 kernel follow my how to compile article.

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  • 0e8h

    Amazing there are patches and updates for Ubuntu… It takes so long for anything to be upgraded on Canocial items, especially on the weekends when the company closes. Just goes to show that it’s not really open source as you need to be an employee to get access to upstream.