Linux kernel 2.6.34 for Ubuntu Lucid

For all the people who are waiting for the Linux 2.6.34 kernel for Ubuntu the wait is over.
The kernel is available for Ubuntu Lucid right now, the downside is that you have to compile it yourself, the upside there’s an article for that.

You can compile your own 2.6.34 kernel by following my How to compile a Ubuntu Lucid kernel article. If you have compiled a kernel before using this article I advice you to start over again. I tried several time to just update the kernel source but it really didn’t go well. Something I should have known after I pulled the new kernel source and it completely pulled in the entire source.

Share your success and/or failures here or on the forum

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  • You don’t have to compile new kernels, use the mainline kernels archive…

    • Andydread

      I thought that the mainline Kernel is missing some critical freatures? Like the incredibly fast boot etc.

      • That was my understanding as well, my believe is that the mainline build is not “Ubuntu Sauced” (No Ubuntu patches and/or improvements)

        • ph

          Ubuntu kernel patches are overrated. You won’t notice any difference if you have standard hardware supported by a vanilla kernel.

          The claimed boot speedup is mostly bull. A stripped down system boots fairly quick anyway. You might get quickly to a login prompt on a system loaded with server features, but login will be very slow as user processes are competing for CPU cycles and I/O capacity with server processes starting so what’s the point.

  • Hrw

    You can also use 2.6.34 from Maverick

  • Chris

    @Hrw Is it difficult to add it in?

  • More

    @Peter from “My Thought” Please use the correct Ubuntu naming. The name “lucid lynx” should only be used during the development cycle. When “lucid lynx” was released it became Ubuntu 10.04.

    • Thank you for the inside, I’ll definitely take it in consideration for future articles

  • Ron

    The one downside is dealing with ATI driver which hasn’t been updating to the latest kernel. Especial for me, I’m visually impair, and I need the 3D working on ATI driver on the latest kernel, but it seem AMD is doing a poor job by far.

  • David Liontooth

    I’m not sure what I’m missing — the latest kernel in the ubuntu-lucid.git source is 2.6.32-23.37. Where do I get 2.6.34?

    • The Changelog will state 2.6.32. To see the 2.6.34 kernel, type the following command on the command line:
      git tag -l|grep 2.6.34

      The output will something like:

      You can use one of these tags to checkout the 2.6.34 kernel.

  • Is there any alternative to get incremental ubuntu kernel source patch by patch, or may be the diff between ubuntu kernel source and vanilla kernel source? It is too big download at the first git clone that cannot be resumed if interupted.

    • Not really unless you used git to pull the vanilla kernel as well. If that’s the case I can write up a short article on how to pull the Ubuntu kernel.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. But i’m afraid that’s not the case. I don’t use git to pull the vanilla kernel. I downloaded vanilla kernel version some time ago and then reverse the patch and download 2.6.32 patch, then 2.6.33 patch, and 2.6.34 patch. Is using git to pull vanilla kernel result in smaller download than pulling ubuntu kernel?

        • The first pull is the biggest download and if I remember correctly the vanilla kernel is a bigger download. The repository has been used much longer so more has to be pulled.

          I’ll have to try to if it’s possible to pull the Ubuntu changes only when you don’t have a git repository of the vanilla kernel. I’ll come back to this in a few days.

  • Dave

    Yes, please write an article on how to pull the Ubuntu kernel. Patches are great, but I don’t much time to figure out and have my mind muscles exercised. I just can’t squeeze time right now. If there’s a package download for free, that would be very, very helpful. =)

  • Thanks so much for the link the the article! My friend and I have been having the same problem, I am glad there is a fix out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also thanks to all the great comments, I find them equally as helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚