Moved to Linode from Lunarpages

This week I moved my site(s) to Linode. After years of having my sites hosted at Lunarpages, I made the decision to move my sites to Linode.

Recently the server at Lunarpages where my site was hosted got several outages and at the beginning of this week the “nice” people at Lunarpages disabled my blog without a warning, or without giving me a chance to fix the problem.
When I noticed the ticket they created, I solved the problem, this was within two hours after the ticket was created. I didn’t hear back from them for 24 hours and in the meantime this blog is down.
Somehow I think I could have tolerated it a bit, IF they had redirected visitors to a static page where it said the site was down due to technical problems, but instead visitor were treated with a stand No Access Allowed page.

I left a complaint about how the situation was handled in the ticket, but nothing back yet, it’s been over 24 hours as I’m writing this.

I bought myself the lowest VPS at Linode, that should be enough. The server is running Ubuntu, yes I know, I’ve been thinking about dumping Ubuntu, but I needed to set this baby up fast and Ubuntu is what I know. I ditched Apache for nginx with PHP-fpm, of course I needed a mail server as well and chose Postfix plus Dovecot as I already have this setup running at a server at home.

The load time of the blog has been reduced in half compared to Lunarpages and the interesting bit is that my site loads faster without a CDN.

The down side of the move is that the forums are still down. I’m not 100% sure if I will bring them back, move to a different system or start utilizing github, all my plugins are hosted there. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I’m open to anything.

If you are thinking about getting a VPS, I can recommend Linode. If you are going to purchase from Linode use my referral code


or click here to go to Linode.

If you need assistance in setting it all up on Linode, or any other VPS or dedicated server, drop me note using the contact page and when can work things out.

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