New Forum Software

After a long time debating with myself, I decided to pull the trigger today and change my forum software from phpBB to Simple Machines Forum. The main reason I switched software was the amount of spam I received, both posted and through reporting but the difficult installation of modifications and the not SEO friendly URL’s were other reasons.

All posts and user data has been converted, except for the user passwords. You can request a new password by stating you forgot your password and instructions will be send to the email you used to sign up with.

I’ll be tweaking the software in the next couple of days but hopefully that won’t have an impact on the stability of the forum. I also disabled the option to post as Guest for the time being, depending on my tweaks I might enable this again.
I will be purging users that haven’t logged on in the last 90 days.

Let me know what you think of the new forum and if you have any suggestions.

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