New WordPress plugin: AVH First Defense Against Spam

Today I released a new WordPress plugin: AVH First Defense Against Spam.
The AVH First Defense Against Spam WordPress plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. Spammers are identified by checking if the visitors IP exists in a database served by or by a local blacklist.

Some of the current features implemented

  • Based on the frequency a spammer has been reported at, a separate threshold can be set for the following features:
    • Send an email to the board administrator with information about the spammer.
    • Block the spammer before content is server.
  • When an IP is blocked a message can be displayed to the visitor with the reason why access was blocked and a link to if they want to resolve the issue.

Blocking a potential spammer before content is served has the following advantages:

  • It saves bandwidth.
  • It saves CPU cycles. The spammer is actually checked and blocked before WordPress starts building the page.
  • If you keep track of how many visitors your site has, either by using Google’s Analytics, WP-Stats or any other one, it will give you a cleaner statistic of visits your site receives.

This plugin is fully compatible with other anti-spam plugins, I have tested it with WP-Spamfree and Akismet.
The plugin also gives you some extra tips and tricks to stop spam by editing your htaccess file. To access them go to the settings of the plugin and click Tips and Tricksi

More information can be found here.

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  • Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your wonderful anti Spam plugin. I had it installed last night. I have a few questions to ask of you. What does these email messages that I received mean? I received two different kinds of messages through the night.

    1. [Windmill on the Hill] AVH First Defense Against Spam – Error detected

    An error has been detected
    Error: avhfdas error:http_request_failed – couldn’t connect to host

    Accessing: /?p=2255&cpage=1
    Call took: 1.00098896027

    2. [Windmill on the Hill] AVH First Defense Against Spam – Spammer detected []

    Stop Forum Spam has the following statistics:
    Spam IP:
    Last Seen: 2008-01-06 16:45:06
    Frequency: 16

    Treshhold (3) reached. Connection terminated
    Accessing: /?p=2302
    Call took: 0.220874071121

    My questions:

    a) Is Number 1 notification informing me that there is something that I configured wrongly in my .htaccess file while following your Tips and Tricks?

    b) Do both these notifications mean the same thing – that a Spammer was prevented?

    c) If these two notifications do not mean the same thing, what is the difference between the two?

    Thank you for your time.

    • First of all I’m glad you like the plugin.
      Concerning the emails you receive:

      1. AVH First Defense Against Spam – Error detected
      This means the call to Stop Forum Spam failed. The error explains the problem. I actually check the connection again if the first one fails and only then report the error.
      The plugin was unable to check if the visiting IP is in the database and therefor does not block it.

      2. AVH First Defense Against Spam – Spammer detected
      The call to the database was successful and the IP was found in the database.
      You can actually receive two sort of emails with this subject line.
      In your case the connection is terminated as stated in the email. In other words the spammer is stopped before any content was served.
      The other message you can get is without the Threshold message. This means the IP is in the database but it’s not blocked. The threshold for blocking access is not reached. You can set this in the Admin section of the plugin. The reason why I have set the default threshold to 3 is explained in the FAQ section in the Admin section.

      • Hi Peter,

        Thank you for your speedy response. You have helped me to understand it better now.

        Your AVH First Defense Against Spam is working like a song for my Blog. It’s amazing just how many stealth Spammers have been thwarted because of your proactive plugin.

        Thank You very much!

  • Hi Peter,

    I really like the plugin. It seems to stop (almost) all spamming activity on the two sites I’ve installed the plugin at. The explanation you’ve given are answers to the questions I had too!

    Great plugin!

    • Happy to hear it keeps your blogs almost clean.

      P.S. Nice to see a website with ITIL information. I’m a total believer in ITIL.

  • Yeah this is a good plugin

  • I have found what i was looking for !!! thx )