New WordPress theme

As you can tell, if you visited my blog before, I finally changed my theme. I’ve been looking for a new theme for a long time but never could find anything to my liking so I decided to create my own theme, AVH Clean.

I decided to go with a minimalistic design, without a lot of graphics and , in my opinion, easy to the eyes.
I had never designed, let alone created, theme for WordPress before but I for a recent project I had to make some changes to a existing theme for a client and that got me started on writing my own.
I used an existing theme as the base for my own and worked from there. My newly created theme doesn’t look like anything like the starting theme, some of the back-end is still used but most of it has been eliminated.
Can this theme be improved, absolutely. My style sheet holds a lot of constructors I don’t use, I’m sure there are redundant tags in the HTML, constructors in the style sheet can probably be combined, but it will have to do for now.

I’m not sure how to check for unused CSS selectors. I have a Firefox plugin, Dust-Me Selectors, but it takes a long time to check my entire site and sometimes it even stops responding.
I used to have Topstyle for windows to stylize stylesheets but I don’t anymore and slapping down $80 for a copy is a bit to much for me right now. What I really liked about TopStyle was the ability to combine selectors.

If you have any suggestions for the checking for unused CSS selectors and/or stylizing the CSS stylesheet, I welcome them.

Please let me know what you think of the design and if you see anything that can be improved, I would really appreciate that.

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