git available for Ubuntu Oneiric

Git was released on May 26, 2001 and as of yesterday, besides the git packages being available for Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04, I also added the git packages for Ubuntu Oneiric.
As per git I also added a start menu for the git application git-gui. After installation you can find the menu item in under the menu Development.
The packages are available in the repository in my Ubuntu PPA on launchpad.
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Development machine problems

During spring break the hard drive of my development machine developed I/O errors. I’ve been able to recover all of my sources but a majority of my email has disappeared.
I’ve re-installed the machine but unfortunately it seems part of my drive is really bad.

This all means I won’t be able to develop or release my WordPress plugins and git, or do support on my forum for a while, at least until I get a new machine. I know I probably could buy myself a new drive, but the machine is a 3 year old laptop, I’m not sure if I want to invest money in it, even though it could be cheap.
So currently I’m looking for a replacement laptop, deciding on the configuration and most importantly price of course.