How to compile a Ubuntu Maverick 2.6.35 kernel for Lucid

The Ubuntu kernel developers are actively back-porting the Ubuntu Maverick kernel to Ubuntu 10.04. This means that as a Ubuntu 10.04 user, you can compile the, as I write this, 2.6.35 kernel with Ubuntu modifications. I’m running this kernel myself without any problems. Because the kernel developers are also maintaining the original 2.6.32 kernel they made some changes on how to compile the kernel. For us users it means you can’t follow my original article on compiling the Lucid kernel for the newer kernel.
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Update WordPress Plugin: AVH Amazon v3.3

On May 20, 2010 I released version 3.3 of my WordPress plugin, AVH Amazon. The major change is the fact i dropped support for WordPress version 2.7 and below.
The AVH Amazon plugin gives you the ability to add multiple widgets which will display one or more random item(s) from your Amazon wishlist, baby registry and/or wedding registry. It also has the ability to show an item with its link, in posts and pages by use of shortcode.
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