Compile and run the Ubuntu Lucid kernel on Ubuntu Karmic

Just as a learning experience for myself I decided to see if I could compile and run the Ubuntu Lucid kernel on my Ubuntu Karmic laptop and with a few bumps along the way I’m currently running the Lucid kernel version 2.6.32-21. I have made some configuration changes to fit the need I have for my laptop (Core2 processor, 4GB memory) but also because I run the proprietary nVidia driver. As Ubuntu Lucid has not yet been released the instructions given here could changes in the final version. This article will probably also work for compiling the Lucid kernel on a Lucid machine but I will write up a how to compile a Lucid kernel for Lucid when Lucid has been released and I have upgraded my laptop.

Lets get started building our own custom Ubuntu Lucid kernel for Ubuntu Karmic from scratch.
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Am I really running Ubuntu?

If people ask me what distribution of Linux I run on my laptop I tell Ubuntu but in all honesty that’s not entirely true and I’ll explain that later.
I have been using Ubuntu for a couple of years, mostly because when I was looking for a distribution for my laptop it was Ubuntu which just worked out of the box, unlike Fedora or Suse. Many years have passed since that decision and things have changed with Ubuntu. The default software provided by Ubuntu has changed drastically and with the upcoming Ubuntu Lucid Lynx it will be changing even more. I didn’t like the changes the made in the past and I don’t like the changes they are making for Lucid Lynx. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all things they change, new kernels, upstart are just a few things that I agree with. What I don’t agree with is what I like to call the dumbing down of applications and bloating of applications.
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