Dropping PHP 4 support for my plugins, moving to PHP 5.2

I have decided to move my WordPress plugins to PHP 5.2 and no longer support PHP 4 per the next major release. There will be one exception and that is my AVH Extended Categories Widget plugin, as I will be releasing version 3.0 very soon and that version is still compatible with PHP 4 but will not be when I release the next major release.

PHP 5.2 was released 3 years ago and is pretty mature by now and besides that, PHP 4 has not been updated nor has it had security fixes since 2008-08-08. Should your hosting provider still offer PHP4 only it is time to find a new hosting provider.

Using Google’s Chrome browser on Ubuntu

A couple of weeks ago I changed the default browser on my Ubuntu Jaunty laptop from Firefox to Chrome. I had been using Chrome next to Firefox 3.6 for a while and I was willing to give it a shot for my every day browsing. Now that I have been usign it for a while I thought I would write up my experience, the good, the bad and, yes the cliché , the ugly.
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