Caught my first previously unknown email harvester.

Thanks to my plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam and a honey pot I have set up with Project Honey Pot I caught my very first previously unknown email harvester.

Part of the email I received today:

Peter —
Regardless of how the rest of your day goes, here’s something to be happy
about — today a honey pot you installed successfully identified a
previously unknown email harvester (IP: The
harvester was caught by your honey pot installed at:

You can find information about your newly identified harvester here:

To see the info :

I just made the web a little better.

How to compile a kernel for Ubuntu Karmic

Ubuntu Karmic has been released to the public a few days ago and it’s time to write up a How To Compile a Kernel article. Only a few small changes have been made to the way we have compile a kernel for Ubuntu Karmic compared to Ubuntu Jaunty but they are significant enough for it’s own how-to.

I wrote this how to because my laptop has 4GB of internal memory and with the default kernel that ships with Ubuntu Karmic the entire 4GB is not addressed.

Lets get started building our own custom kernel for Ubuntu Karmic from scratch.
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