Using gzip encoding in Apache without mod_gzip or mod_deflate

To reduce bandwidth and speed you can install mod_gzip or mod_deflate with your Apache configuration. Unfortunately there are hosting providers who don’t have either of these modules installed.
With a little bash scripting and some modifications of your .htaccess you can accomplish almost the same thing. If you run a dynamic site, with PHP for example, you can’t compress the HTML file itself but you can compress Javascript and Style Sheets files.
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Help translate AVH Extended Categories

You can help translate my WordPress plugin AVH Extended Categories.
I have setup a launchpad project where you can translate the plugin.

If you are interested in helping translate my plugin please visit the translation page in Launchpad or use the avh-ec.pot file included in the plugin.

If you have translated the plugin through Launchpad drop me an email through Launchpad with your credentials if you want them added in the plugin.

Thank you in advance to all the translators.