My PPA is signed.

Yesterday I build the latest git, version for Ubuntu Intrepid on my PPA. This morning when I wanted to upgrade my own machine, I ran into a small problem. It turns out Launchpad has signed my repository and in order to upgrade you’ll need to add the key to the trusted apt key list.

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Managing the iTunes Library

I love my iPod, as do my family love theirs, but the thing that drives me nuts about iTunes is the inability to manage your library in a way you would expect. If I add/remove songs or movies to/from my library folder, iTunes doesn’t pick up on it. When you delete a song from within iTunes it’s not removed from disk, I know this has to do that I don’t let iTunes manage my folder, but I don’t want iTunes to manage my folder, I’ll do that myself.

I run iTunes on a Windows machine and had only a solution for one of the two problems.
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Happy New Year

I want to wish everybody a very happy 2009 and thank you all for your support in 2008.

In case you were wondering why there hasn’t been any activity here, I have been on a break for a week spending the week with family in Florida. I’ll be catching up on things this week.

I have a few things planned for 2009.
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