Lightbox implementation, first steps into AJAX.

I try to help with the website and part of it was getting rid of a popup we show for showing an image.
I knew what it was what I wanted but didn’t know what it was called, well after some searching I found out it’s called a lightbox (DUH). So called for the resemblance of the real lightbox used in photography.

As my programming skills in javascript aren’t that good I have to rely on some already made ones. And so I entered the world of javascript frameworks, there are several out there and everybody claims the one they use is the best, of course. As I won’t be doing programming myself I could care less which framework my to be implemented lightbox was using. Now that’s not entirely true because I’m sure as we start using the lightbox we’ll probably want to add different features in AJAX as well. I settled on using protoype.js and scriptaculous.js as the framework. It seems to highly popular and so I’ll probably be able to find some nice scripts that utilizes this framework.

It isn’t an easy task as there are more lightbox implementations as there are ways to design one and I’m still checking some of them out. I started with something called beatbox which looked great but as we use dynamic graphics I had to hack the script a bit. At the moment I’m using Lightwindow 2.0 and it seems to be very powerful, maybe to much for our needs at this time. Another one I will try out is Lightbox 2.0

I have to admit, the more I’m looking into AJAX the more I’m beginning to like it but I should stop myself from over using AJAX, which is very easily done.

NFL fining Terrell Owens is ridiculous

The NFL fined TO $10,000 for using a personalized prop, a little towel he used to wave at the Philly fans. This was done on the sideline and not in the end zone.
I believe T.O. waved the towel at the fans because they have been boo-ing him the entire game not to celebrate his touchdown, unlike his sharpie celebration a few seasons ago. The rule of the NFL is that no props can be used anywhere on the field so yes, they are right for fining but I wonder if he would have been fined if it wasn’t for the fact that it was caught on camera.
Larry Johnson celebrated his touchdown by grabbing a huge flag and sticking it in the end-zone, yet he wasn’t fined by the NFL. Sounds like a double standard to me.

Music on Linux – Taggers

I really only keep MP3 files, I have flacs as well, but usually convert them to mp3. In my humble opinion there’s only one tagger you should use on Linux, EasyTAG.
I love the layout and the amount of tags you can edit but if you ask me which tagger is the best I would answer Tag&Rename.
The fact you can download album info from Amazon.(com||de||ca) makes this tagger. I haven’t stumbled up on an album yet which gave me the wrong information using the Amazon lookup. Let me clarify that, yes I have had lists of possibilties for one album and some of them were incorrect but their always has been a correct one as well. Recently I found an album that I couldn’t find on and it turned out it was a UK release and gave me the right info. The other very good part is the album cover download through Amazon. Unfortunately this only runs on Windows and I don’t won’t to run it under Wine.

Hopefully the people at Tag&Rename will create a Linux port, I sure hope so.