WordPress 2.3 upgrade

I just upgraded WordPress to version 2.3.

This was my first WordPress upgrade and it was the easiest upgrade I have ever done in my life.

Using git – Part I

I have been using git for a while now and I have to say I like it a lot. It’s quick, easy to use and very informative when using the webgui as well.

The one thing that is kind of odd is the fact most, if not all commands are duplicated, for example the command git-pull can also be git pull. I know it’s the same but why have two options? I know it’s not a big deal, I just hope doesn’t get out of control.

The other thing is that when you updated your files and created a tag and you push your updates to the repository it doesn’t push the tag, you have to push tag manually. The developers know about it and I believe they are working on it. Otherwise I love git.

Even though git is designed for big projects and I don’t manage a big project at all, it doesn’t stop me from using git. After Linux Linus delivered another great piece of software.

Claws-Mail – Part III

I decided to switch back to Thunderbird for now.
The missing of an equivalent of Enigmail is the most important reason.

I love the speed of Claws and when the developers implement something like Enigmail I will definitely come back to Claws.

If you aren’t using GPG intensely or at all for that matter I really suggest to checkout Claws, it really is a good email client. The speed is great.

Claws-Mail – Part II

I posted my questions from my previous posting on the Claws mail listing and what I want isn’t possible, at least not in an easy way.
What they suggested is setting up different accounts for each signature and use that account, same for the GPG stuff.

Lets see if I have one account with 1 signature I need to setup 4 accounts, if I don’t want to include encryption.
1. No signature, No signing
2. Yes signature, No signing
3. No signature, Yes signing
4. Yes signature, Yes signing

Now I have one account with two signatures and sometimes I sign it and sometimes I encrypt it, so I would have to setup 16 accounts, and remember which account does what.

Yes I know I can manually do the signing and/or encrypting but with Enigmail you set it up one time for certain recipients and no more worries.

This is definitely something I have to think really hard about if I am going to switch to Claws-Mail.

Claws-Mail – Part I

I installed Claws today on my laptop for a testdrive.

Like I blogged earlier the conversion was a bit of a pain as I couldn’t import my accounts and I have a few, but I got it up and running right now.

I decided not to import my rules and just recreate them and that is really easy with Claws. You choose automatic and it detects mail listings headers and uses them for filtering. It’s true it’s pretty quick and coming from makes using Claws easy.
The thing I don’t like about Claws is how it looks, I mean the GUI itself. It GTK2 based and it’s just not my liking but I could live with it if necessary.

I’m still looking for a couple of things that I love with Thunderbird and haven’t found yet in Claws.

  • Rule based GPG options. With Enigmail in Thunderbird you can use rules, like receiving address, to determine if a message has to encrypted and/or signed.
  • Signature switch. You can have a signature with each account in Claws but with a Thunderbird’s add-on you can select different signatures while composing an email, or use a rule to set a signature.

So far I like Claws, I’ll keep test driving it for a week or so, depending on my findings.