Thunderbird replacement?

Back in the days I used Eudora as my email client, I didn’t like Outlook Express, the development kinda stopped on Eudora and I needed more out of my email client. After releuctantly using Outlook Express I was relieved to see Thunderbird and I made the switch. I never looked back again and never thought about Eudora again.
When I made the switch to Linux, Thunderbird was the obvious choice. I tried Evolution but that just didn’t do it for me.

With all the turmoil at Mozilla and the new MailCo that’s started I don’t know what to think. The future of Thunderbird isn’t clear, nothing has been said expect not to worry, yeah we heard that before. The two big names of Thunderbird development left Mozilla the last couple of days. Some people suggest there will be forking of Thunderbird.

While waiting for more news I decided to look around at other clients.Evolution is a no-no for me, I just don’t like it. Claws looks promising. I’m having some issues converting though, I tried the scripts Claws offers but with no luck. Converting by hand is a pain, I’ve got a lot of folders and several accounts. I’ll keep looking around, just in case Thunderbird becomes a wingless bird.

Picking a SCM

I needed a SCM and I knew there were some others out there besides CVS and SVN.

I did some searching and what it comes down to is that every SCM program has it’s supporters that will tell you that there choice is the best.
I looked at the big open source projects to see what they were using and that limited my choices a bit, I couldn’t really find a lot of projects using Mercurial, bzr.
I decided to go with git and so far it’s been a bumpy ride

I don’t have a lot of experience with SCM and that contributes to the bumpy ride, but I’m not giving up and I have solved some major issues by myself, I couldn’t clone my main repository anymore for example. I’ll keep posting about my experience with git.

Running Gutsy

I upgraded my laptop from Feisty to Gutsy and it didn’t go as smoothly as others have reported.
I’m not really surprised as I don’t run a default Ubuntu desktop, I had installed some applications from source instead of the Ubuntu repository,

I’ve been running it for a week now and it’s pretty stable, good to see the integration with Compiz-fusion. I still am running software from source because I don’t like the fact Ubuntu doesn’t allow updating of certain software by the software itself, like Firefox and friends, Azureus etc.

First post

So I decided to start blogging.

My main topics will be Ubuntu, Open Source software and whatever I decide to blog on