Using git and svn for WordPress plugin development.

For software development I use git as a source code management system and my WordPress plugins are no exception. The “problem” is that the WordPress plugin repository is a subversion repository. You can use git-svn but I choose a different approach. I use a shell script when I’m ready to release a new version of a WordPress plugin to copy the needed files to the SVN repository.
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Merging WordPress 3.1 menus

As I am working on a new site for our local photography club I stumbled upon a small problem. I needed to add menu items to the main menu but only for registered users. WordPress doesn’t have the option, yet, to assign roles to menu items.
I know this “problem” can be solved by creating two, almost identical, menus in WordPress and show the members menu when a member is logged. In that situation you would need to maintain two menus in WordPress, if you add an item t o the general menu, you also need to remember to add it to the members menu. With two menus that’s not that big of a deal, but what if you want to have menu items for different roles or even categories.
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