Photography workflow on Linux

I’ve been using a windows box for my photography workflow, meaning I import my NEF files into Lightroom, remove unwanted pictures, convert them into DNG, add keywords, add to collections, make necessary changes as needed like white-balance, exposure and if needed I do some more touch-ups in Photoshop, saving them as PSD so I can stack them in Lightroom.

I wanted to see if I could do the same on my Linux machine.

The obvious replacement for Photoshop is Gimp, so that wasn’t to hard to replace. The problem with Gimp of course is it can’t read RAW files by default. There are several options for manipulating RAW files on Linux and I decided to go with UFRaw as it’s also a plug-in for Gimp and I really like the way it handles my NEF files, lots of options for easy changes like white-balance, exposure and all the other normal RAW processing tools. It can’t convert the to DNG but that’s not a big disadvantage.

I still have to find a really good cataloging system, I love the way Lightroom has it setup, the keywords, collections. You can search your metadata etc. So any suggestions are welcome 🙂

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