Received the Kindle 2, a small review

[avhamazon asin=”B00154JDAI” linktype=”pic” locale=”US” picsize=”small”] This weekend we received the [avhamazon asin=”B00154JDAI” linktype=”text” locale=”US”] from Amazon and I’m pretty impressed by it. This is a very small review of the Kindle 2.

The first thing I said to my wife was “The screen looks fake”. Have you ever seen those fake computers in a furniture store? That’s almost how the screen looks. It’s not what you expect from a electronic device, the screen is “electronic paper” and it’s strange at first sight. It’s not what I expected, it’s better. It definitely doesn’t strain your eyes.

It’s very easy in your hands and, according to my wife, it’s almost easier to read the Kindle as it reading a book. I can see that because the Kindle is so slim, you can hold the Kindle in one hand and flip pages, on the left side of the Kindle both Next page and Previous page buttons are located, the Next page button is located on the right hand side. And then there is the fact you can lay your “book” down without having to worry the book closes and you can’t remember which page you were one. I know, using a bookmark solves this problem too.
Because the screen isn’t back lit you do need an external light source when it gets darker, just like a regular book.

The real test of the Kindle is coming soon, we’ll be going on vacation to Turks and Caicos and we need to see how well the Kindle holds up on the beach, with the sand and sun tan lotion.

[avhamazon asin=”B001GVIUMW” linktype=”pic” locale=”US” picsize=”small”]When you order the Kindle don’t forget to order a case as well. When you want to carry the Kindle around in your purse or briefcase you need to protect the screen. We ordered the [avhamazon asin=”B001GVIUMW” linktype=”text” locale=”US”] but haven’t received it yet so I can’t really comment on the case yet.

The Kindle has a search option as well which is pretty handy when you are using reference books. I haven’t ordered any computer/reference books yet and in all honesty I probably won’t. I tend to I find most computer related references on the Internet. I don’t have a need to buy computer/reference books right now but when I did consulting I wish I had the Kindle. I always carried several books around to look things up, in case I couldn’t get on the Internet, causing me to carry a laptop case and a backpack with the books. With a Kindle I would just slide the Kindle in the laptop case and be all set.

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    I too had a bad experience once when i bought an ipod through internet..they showed a really good peice when after a long time i recieved it there was nothing matching to the one that was showed up…i know i am going out of your topic but this is the truth that everyone must know before they order seeing the display…

    Thanks for sharing this info anyways…

  • i know i am going out of your topic but this is the truth that everyone must know before they order seeing the display…

    Thanks for sharing this info anyways

  • Nice and simple, but we need it to be waterproof

  • I only had two issues with the Kindle 1 (definitely not deal breakers) and they seemed to have solved them with the Kindle 2. I’m so happy with my purchase. My Kindle goes absolutely everywhere with me! It’s one of the best gadgets in the world!