Replaced the Share-this plug-in

Today I decided to replace the plug-in Share-This in favor of another social bookmarking plug-in.
The reasons for this are quiet simple.

I don’t want my visitors to be reliable on a 3rd party website when they want to bookmark my articles. The share-this plugin relies a the website The pop-up page the link shows is being served from their website, so what if their website is unreachable? You can’t bookmark the article.

The other thing I didn’t like about the new pop-up was the fact it didn’t size properly with the amount of social bookmarking sites I selected. The box was quiet big for only 4 sites.

Like I said I replaced it for another plug-in, and I’ll see if I like it. I might do some hacking on it but for now it will run as is.

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  • So which one did you choose as a substitute?

  • Peter

    I decided to go with Sociable. You can find it here

  • Thanks. I’ll check it out. Share-This isn’t bad but like you I don’t like to rely on anything that has to “phone home” to work.