Rockstarapps for Eclipse

A couple of years ago I discovered some awesome plugins for Eclipse. It was by RockstarApps aka Bob Buffone, one of the plugins is the main reason I installed the plugin, It can minify stylesheets and javascripts within the IDE. Unfortunately the update site for these plugins is no longer a live, but this article tells you how to install them without the update site.

Before I tell you how to download the plugin, let me tell you what the minify plugin can do.
Javascript Files

For Javascript you have the following options to minify:

  • Minfy files aka remove comments and whitespace.
  • Compress files using Yahoo’s YUI Compressor.
  • Compress files using Google’s Closure Compiler.
  • Compress files using GZip.

CSS Files

For stylesheets you have the following options to minify,

  • Minfy files aka remove comments and whitespace.
  • Compress files using GZip.

When the plugin minifies the file it creates a minified copy, so as a developer you always have a readable source as well.

The plugin can also concatenate multiple javascripts or stylesheets into one file and then minfy with the above options.

But here’s what really is the major reason I use this plugin, because all the above you could also do at time of deployment of your software. The plugin has the option to automatically recreate the minified file when one of it’s dependencies changes.
So lets say you have the style.css, when you make a change to the file and save the file, the minified file is automatically recreated.

I want this plugin!
Like I said in the beginning of the article, the site to install the plugin is no longer up. Here are two tweets from Bob

I decided to pack up the plugin and the others I have, jsLint Validator, Dojo Toolkit and make the available for you to download and install.
Choose either one of the files to download, they are about 14 MB big

To install the plugins

  • Close Eclipse,Zend Studio or Aptana
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Copy everything, file and subdirectories, to the plugins directory found in the main directory of Eclipse,Zend Studio and Aptana.
  • Start the IDE and check if the plugin has loaded. Open a CSS file and Right Click in the file, you should see the menu Rockstarapps

Zend Studio 9.0.2 Note!

In order for the plugin to show up in Zend Studio 9.0.2 I had to take an extra step. While Zend Studio is closed I had to add some lines to a file.

Open the file


with a text editor and add the following lines


Save the file and start Zend Studio.

I hope this will help some people.
Enjoy the plugin.

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  • Michael Berg

    I was hoping someone would do that. Thanks a lot!

  • Paul

    The Zend Studio Note seems to now also apply to recent Aptana versions.

    Big thanks for getting this working! 🙂

  • seb

    good work !

  • Alan

    Thank you very much – I’ve been going round in circles looking at how to use the Closure Compiler from Eclipse and every where basically led to RockstarApps. Luckily I didn’t take in the title of your article before I clicked on it in Google otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered and would’ve missed a chance to get the plugin.

  • Franc

    Thanks for the links.
    In my case the plugin seems not to load. i’m using Aptana Studio 3, build:
    Have any idea why?

    • Franc, follow the steps mentioned under “Zend Studio 9.0.2 Note!”. Did the trick for me. 🙂

      • Franc

        “Zend Studio 9.0.2 Note!” did the trick. All working.

  • Fabio

    Hi, I can’t compress my js files with Google’s Closure. The result files has been empty! Can you help me?

    • Peter

      Any error messages?

  • Even if I have the files select in project explorer, I get the message:

    “Please select the JavaScript files you wish to concatenate”.

    What am I missing here?

  • juanma

    Working on Aptana!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Yene

    I can’t wait until I try this tomorrow morning,

  • Erik

    I don’t get the plugin to show up in my IDE by following your steps (including adding the lines to found in both the Aptana and the Eclipse folder).

    Anyone managed to get this to work with the most recent version of Aptana and Eclipse?

    Also, thank you for making this guide and files available!

    • Erik

      Nevermind, I redid the steps and now it is working.


  • Beni


    i used with eclipse, awesome plugin. but a few days ago i update JRE and it is doesn’t work. (autobilding option and css concatenate buggy)

    i needed the lastest eclipse version luna for Git, luna needed new java version ….

    i tried with old eclipson version (2.2) it same, so i think this bug is because java

    any idea? or any alternative solution? (i try with apache ant and yui, but i think ant script cant works on the fly, every time must be run the build script after save the css or js, manually …)

    OSX 10.10

    thx a lot 🙂