Creating a static website for git-flow

For a couple of months I felt the need to create a website for git-flow, you know the awesome tool set that helps you develop software using the git branching model. The reason for having a site is two folded, promote git-flow and have a way of informing people of the development. This will be a series of articles about the road of creating the website, the challenges I met and how I set things up.
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Installing Sass, Compass, nanoc 3.x and Foundation 5

As described in the previous article, I have settled to create my static website for git-flow with nanoc, Foundation by Zurb and Compass. That shouldn’t be to be difficult, just a matter of installing the tools and start creating. I already have Ruby installed through rbenv, and I won’t go in details on how to set this up, but to clarify I’m running Ruby 2.x at the moment.

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