Spammers trying to access my blog

In November of last year I suddenly got a more than usual amount of spammers hitting my blog and forum. I wrote a Python program that will retrieve my access logs, my htaccess file and a list from the website It will update the htaccess file and can upload it back to the site and thus eliminating access to my site for those known spammers.

I thought it would be nice to share some statistics from the months December 2008, January and February of 2009.

The following IP addresses are all unique.

For the month of December 2008:
Total IP scanned: 9251 – Clean: 8961 – Spam: 290
The spammers combined a total of 3.1% of the total unique visitors.

For the month of January 2009:
Total IP scanned: 7387 – Clean: 7098 – Spam: 289
That’s comes down to roughly 3.9% of the unique addresses were spammers.

For the month of February 2009:
Total IP scanned: 8250 – Clean: 7899 – Spam: 351
About 4.3% are spammers.

The total IP includes visits from search bots as well.

By denying access to spammers from your htaccess file you will reduce the CPU utilization of the server and bandwidth. If you don’t deny them access they will hit the page they are accessing only then will other anti-spam plugins kick in.

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