Sun acquires MySQL

Wow, I am shocked. I can’t believe it. I’ve always been a fan of MySQL and now it’s getting bigger, at least that’s what I hope with Sun acquiring MySQL for $1 billion.

Sun has been going in the right direction the last couple of years and with this move they confirm this for me.I believe the acquirement of MySQL is not a bad thing for MySQL itself but I don’t know what it will mean for the Swedish employees. Sun is more dominate in the USA as it is in Europe and it wouldn’t surprise me if they want to move the development to the USA.

With Sun’s OpenSolaris, ZFS and now MySQL, I think they have the perfect setup for large webserver farms. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if you will hear another announcement of a Sun acquirement, like lighttpd, or lets get crazy Apache. Sure MySQL is also used outside webserver market but I can’t believe that’s the reason for Sun to buy MySQL. Sun will not compete with Oracle in the database market.

I always wanted to get my MySQL certification and I want it now more then ever.

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