Can’t print in evince, GEdit, Claws-Mail.

I’ve got a printer connected on my Windows machine and it’s shared so I can print from my Ubuntu Intrepid machine as well using Samba. It works pretty well. I usually only print from OpenOffice 3 but today I had to print an email (Claws mail) and it failed. I got the Printer selection box but when I clicked on print an error message popped up, “Can’t prompt for Authorization”. I checked my printer settings and everything looked fine, so I tried again, another error message popped up: “Too many failed attempts”.
After sending an email to the Claws Mail list, Colin Leroy pointed out it could be a bug in GTK as I also couldn’t print from Gedit. I did some searching on the Internet and found several reports similar to mine but no solution.
I started to do some researching on my laptop and I found a work around to solve the problem.
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