Bind DNS problem after upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded one my laptops from Ubuntu Hardy to Ubuntu Jaunty. I never got around to upgrading this machine as it is one of my more important machines in my home network. It runs a mail server for sending all mail and POP for local mail (Postfix + Dovecot), DNS (Bind), Torrent seedbox, central syslog server.
After the upgrade, which didn’t really go smoothly but that is besides the point of this post, I was having problems on my work laptop browsing the net, my RSS feeder was acting up etc.
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WordPress being slow, a DNS problem

A friend of mine runs a WordPress site and recently moved to a different provider. The transition went smoothly and the site ran fine for three weeks. One day he made a post like he normally does and the site become very slow. He deleted the post but with no result. His site was still extremely slow, I mean it took almost a minute to load the index page. Installation of a caching plugin, deactivating all plugins, selecting the default theme did not help at all.
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Claws-Mail – Part V

I’ve been using Claws-mail for a couple of days now and I’m loving it more and more.
Some of the features I love:

  • The ability to process a folder based on rules. I set up a processing filter for example, for some of my folders to delete the emails after 60 days, but only if I haven’t set the thread to be watched. No way I could do this in Thunderbird. Sure it’s a bit of a setup in Claws, especially if you have a lot o ffolders but it sure is worth it.
  • Integration with SpamAssassin. It’s wasn’t an easy setup, mostly because of my lack of knowledge of SpamAssassin, but that had nothing to do with Claws-mail, the integration with Claws-mail is outstanding.
  • The speed.
  • The Next button. Read the next unread mail, covers all folders and all mailboxes.

Yes there are things that I miss but I’ll put in some requests for change with the developers and see what they think.

I’ll elaborate on the “problems” I ran into with SpamAssassin.
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