How to compile a Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) kernel with sched: automated per tty task groups kernel patch

Lately there has been quiet some buzz about the “sched: automated per tty task groups” kernel patch. It’s supposed to dramatically improve the desktop interactivity under system strain. You can read a test at Phoronix.
The patch is written for the 2.6.37 kernel but Ubuntu 10.10 runs the 2.6.35 kernel. This doesn’t mean you can’t compile your own 2.6.35 kernel for Ubuntu 10.10 with the patch included. Currently I am running this version but I haven’t done any testing for speed improvements.
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How to compile a Ubuntu Maverick 2.6.35 kernel for Lucid

The Ubuntu kernel developers are actively back-porting the Ubuntu Maverick kernel to Ubuntu 10.04. This means that as a Ubuntu 10.04 user, you can compile the, as I write this, 2.6.35 kernel with Ubuntu modifications. I’m running this kernel myself without any problems. Because the kernel developers are also maintaining the original 2.6.32 kernel they made some changes on how to compile the kernel. For us users it means you can’t follow my original article on compiling the Lucid kernel for the newer kernel.
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