How to compile a kernel for Ubuntu Jaunty – Revised

As of Ubuntu Jaunty’s kernel 2.6.28-15.49 the kernel developers have made changes to the kernel source. The changes have such a big impact on how to compile a kernel for Ubuntu Jaunty that I had to revise my previous article. Lots ot the text in this article will look extremely similar to my previous article, but there are some big changes. If you already got the kernel source using git you will have to read my article on how to update the kernel sources to the latest version at my article Ubuntu Jaunty kernel sources changes.
Lets get started with creating our own custom kernel for Ubuntu Jaunty from scratch.
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git 1.6.3 packages for Ubuntu Jaunty

Today git 1.6.3 was released. You can install git 1.6.3 for Ubuntu Jaunty with the use of my repository.

I only build the new version for Ubuntu Jaunty and not for Ubuntu Intrepid. The problem with the Launchpad PPA is that it doesn’t provide any statistics about my PPA, and therefor I don’t have a clue if the Intrepid repository is still being used.
On the AVH Forum I created a poll where you can vote if you want/need the latest version of git for Ubuntu Intrepid.
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