How to compile a Ubuntu Maverick 2.6.35 kernel for Lucid

The Ubuntu kernel developers are actively back-porting the Ubuntu Maverick kernel to Ubuntu 10.04. This means that as a Ubuntu 10.04 user, you can compile the, as I write this, 2.6.35 kernel with Ubuntu modifications. I’m running this kernel myself without any problems. Because the kernel developers are also maintaining the original 2.6.32 kernel they made some changes on how to compile the kernel. For us users it means you can’t follow my original article on compiling the Lucid kernel for the newer kernel.
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How to compile a Ubuntu Lucid kernel

Ubuntu Lucid was released in April and I have been writing articles on “How to compile a kernel for Ubuntu …” for a few releases and there is no exception for Ubuntu Lucid.
The Ubuntu kernel developers have decided to change things up yet again for the Ubuntu Lucid kernel. The steps in this article will be significantly different from previous Ubuntu releases.

But enough with the small talk, let’s start compiling our own Ubuntu Lucid kernel.
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Compile and run the Ubuntu Lucid kernel on Ubuntu Karmic

Just as a learning experience for myself I decided to see if I could compile and run the Ubuntu Lucid kernel on my Ubuntu Karmic laptop and with a few bumps along the way I’m currently running the Lucid kernel version 2.6.32-21. I have made some configuration changes to fit the need I have for my laptop (Core2 processor, 4GB memory) but also because I run the proprietary nVidia driver. As Ubuntu Lucid has not yet been released the instructions given here could changes in the final version. This article will probably also work for compiling the Lucid kernel on a Lucid machine but I will write up a how to compile a Lucid kernel for Lucid when Lucid has been released and I have upgraded my laptop.

Lets get started building our own custom Ubuntu Lucid kernel for Ubuntu Karmic from scratch.
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