My picture is published on CNN

The other day my wife told me that CNN’s travel section would have a snapshot section about the Netherlands and lots of people had send in pictures from their trip.
We have been there and when I was browsing through the pictures on CNN I remembered a very nice picture I took a couple of years ago. I decided to sign up as an iReporter and upload my picture.
Low and behold within 24 hours I received an email from somebody at CNN asking a little bit more details about the picture because they wanted to use my picture in their upcoming Travel Snapshot gallery.

Today the gallery is up and my picture is one of the 25 they use for the gallery.
Pretty cool, my picture is on the main page on iReport’s Travel Snapshots

You can find the gallery on the page Travel Snapshots: From tulips to windmills in the Netherlands My picture is the last one.
Next weeks assignment is about South Africa, we never been there but if you have a cool picture why no upload it, checkout the iReport Travel Snapshots page for details and my picture of course.