What is it with spammers?

In a weird way I understand why spammers spam, get extra traffic to the site they are promoting or trying to get you to a site to sell you something. But why keep they trying when there 1st attempt was blocked to begin with and sometimes it’s just flat out strange what they are trying to post. And I say trying because the majority is stopped by my WordPress plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam/
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Spammers trying to access my blog

In November of last year I suddenly got a more than usual amount of spammers hitting my blog and forum. I wrote a Python program that will retrieve my access logs, my htaccess file and a list from the website stopforumspam.com. It will update the htaccess file and can upload it back to the site and thus eliminating access to my site for those known spammers.

I thought it would be nice to share some statistics from the months December 2008, January and February of 2009.
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